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Opposites attract the saying goes...


So here in reference to the musical meaning;


Whilst the sound of a tone played on the piano fades away fairly immediately and one can at best accelerate  this process, the possibilites on the trumpet are much more diverse, with the freedom to change a tone at will after initially playing it.


Whereas  on the trumpet,  it is only possible to produce one tone (unless the player sings at the same time as they play their instrument), on the piano, all the keys can potentially be played at the same time.


Even though there are many „opposites“(contradictions) to take into account, we  have nevertheless  decided to give these opposing factors a platform,and explore all these possibilites whilst making music together.


We are going through the repertoire from A to Z, from Tomaso Albinoni to Zeynep Gedizlioglu, bringing the works for piano and trumpet to life, and working with composers on the musical contrasts and contradictions presented to us.

Le Liu

translation coming soon...


Damaris Richerts

Quietly whispering, sweet  and also yearning melodies, as well as triumphant fanfares-Damaris can combine all of these facets on her trumpets.

Trumpets? Even though it is not (yet) possible to play them at the same time, Damaris plays the most appropriate instrument according to which piece she is playing-the instruments can be differentiated through the atmosphere they convey, their construction and sound.


Damaris wants  to explore the „world of sounds“ produced by the trumpet. As a result, she is comfortable playing music from the baroque era  up to contemporary music.


As a result she performs in a diverse range of ensemble formations.....from solo concerts to chamber music ensembles and orchestra, as well as free improvisation.

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